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TERFs Object to Women Being Categorized As People

LONDON–Despite widespread attacks on reproductive justice, a raging global pandemic, and a rising ocean, Gender Critical women across the world remain committed to fighting the real atrocity of our times. They will not allow their pregnant cisters to be referred to as people. After the US Supreme Court voted to uphold a draconian Texas law… Continue reading TERFs Object to Women Being Categorized As People

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TERFs Welcome Dave Chappelle with Open Arms

LOS ANGELES- TERFs all over the US and the UK today are welcoming their latest, and most unexpected member, comedian Dave Chappelle. The comedian has generated a lot of controversy in his latest standup special The Closer, in which he makes a number of statements considered transphobic. In particular, he addresses the most famous TERF… Continue reading TERFs Welcome Dave Chappelle with Open Arms

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TERF Tattoos Uterus on Face

MADISON, WI–Self-proclaimed gender critical radical feminist Kristy Johnson declared that she was done mincing words with who’s she called “trans activists.” “These trans activists have had their hands in everything. Really the only thing that can remain firmly in what a woman has is motherhood. That can only be accomplished now by us, the real… Continue reading TERF Tattoos Uterus on Face


Researchers Work Hard To Deny Own Survey

BELOIT, WI–Conducting surveys can be a fraught process that can sometimes illuminate parts of society that a researcher may be uncomfortable with. This month, researchers at Beloit College conducted research showing that the population of transgender teens is about 3000% greater than previously thought; the researchers are positive that they performed and weighted the survey… Continue reading Researchers Work Hard To Deny Own Survey

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Home Depot to Partner With J.K. Rowling To Provide “Turfs for TERFs”

Home improvement store Home Depot has announced a partnership with noted author J.K. Rowling to provide grass/sod samples for a specific subset of her fans and supporters. The “Turfs for TERFs” initiative is intended to show solidarity between Home Depot and the anti-LGBT movement. Home Depot donated $1,825,500 to 111 anti-gay politicians in 2017-2018.