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TERF Tattoos Uterus on Face

Tattoo Machine

MADISON, WI–Self-proclaimed gender critical radical feminist Kristy Johnson declared that she was done mincing words with who’s she called “trans activists.”

“These trans activists have had their hands in everything. Really the only thing that can remain firmly in what a woman has is motherhood. That can only be accomplished now by us, the real women with a uterus. A uterus that functions. And are between 16 and 40 years of age. And not on any birth control pills. And in a heterosexual relationship.”

In order to proclaim this to the world, Johnson had her face tattooed with an explicitly drawn version of a uterus so large that her eyes were tattooed with the ovaries. Medium will not allow us to publish photographs of the work, as it has deemed them too explicit.

“This is what I am. I am a woman because I have these internal organs. This is what womanhood means to me.”

She got the graphic tattoo from freelance tattoo artist, Invizible Picklz, who would not disclose how much the she was paid for the work.

“I don’t have to say shit. I mean, I think it’s fucked up. But whatever. If she has the dollars, I have the ink.”

When asked if there were any technical difficulties about such a piece, Picklz said, “Nah, except for the tongue.”

After Picklz gave this information, Johnson extended her tongue which had a picture of a small fetus tattooed on it.

“I am going to marry a man and bear his children because that is the entirety of womanhood as our gender critical movement sees it. We are nothing else. Like the men, we are defined by the genitals the doctor has assigned at birth, regardless of how we feel or exists.”

“Let’s see a trans ‘woman’ try to take this from me,” she said. She used her fingers to designate air-quotes around the word “woman.”

Picklz, a transgender woman, shook her head and said, “She can have it.”