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TERFs Welcome Dave Chappelle with Open Arms

World’s newest TERF!

LOS ANGELES- TERFs all over the US and the UK today are welcoming their latest, and most unexpected member, comedian Dave Chappelle. The comedian has generated a lot of controversy in his latest standup special The Closer, in which he makes a number of statements considered transphobic. In particular, he addresses the most famous TERF in the world, JK Rowling, and declares himself “Team TERF.”

“I’m surprised he knows who we are, to be honest.” Says noted TERF Suzanne Poole. “He’s not the one to do much research before saying stuff.”

“He’s not our usual kind of Ally,” notes TERF Katie Reed. “We usually ally with the far right and white supremacists. But who are we to judge?”

“In his special, he says he believes in gender, which is actually the opposite of what we believe in, but he’s pissing off trans people and that’s the important thing.” Adds TERF Caroline Moore.

“This guy is constantly bashing and disbelieving victims of sexual assault, but we can overlook that,” continues TERF Michelle Medlin.

“I’ll admit he’s not perfect,” concludes TERF Amy Presley. “But the only trans person he seems to know is dead so I’ll take it.”