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Woman Endures Terrifying Realization She Found a Man Attractive

Robin Flynn recounting her harrowing tale.

DES MOINES, IOWA– After paying for her meal at a food truck, a local woman was forced to confront some deeply seated feelings when she found herself face to face with a man. It was in this moment, that the woman, 41 year old Robin Flynn, endured a terrifying realization that she was finding a man attractive.

“It’s been at so long since I’ve felt that,” said Flynn, who has been identifying as a lesbian for nearly 20 years. “Like, he lifted his shirt so casually and I saw his stomach and that short king made my tummy flutter. It made me question everything: am I really bi?” She then added quickly, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Flynn has been married to her wife for longer than the Confederacy existed. Her spouse, Naomi Flynn, was quick to console Robin. “She just had a scare. It’s OK. These things happen. I know she’s not a bigoted person, I’m bi; I even have a boyfriend.”

“It’s true,” said Robin, who looked at her set of power tools and sighed slightly. “It’s just that I didn’t expect it. You go around for years thinking of yourself a certain way and then one guy just has to mess it up. He didn’t even do it on purpose. I was completely off for the rest of the day.”

At press time, Robin has not found any other men attractive and is completely willing to write him off as some kind of fluke event, unlikely to ever recur.

The man could not be reached for comment.