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Finally! Cat Has Deemed Woman Worthy


KANSAS CITY, MO–Settling down after a long day at work, a local woman suddenly found a cat sitting on her lap. It had been years, but finally her roommate’s cat has deemed her worthy.

Stacey Brennan, 25, was at first startled and then slowly came to enjoy the bundle of orange warmth that seemed to exude so many hairs that Brennan considered knitting a cat hair pair of socks.

“I really don’t know what happened,” said Brennan, who previously called herself a dog person but who really didn’t feel too strongly either way and just liked having other animals around her. She went on, “I was just sitting here. I mean, I feed him every night as my roomie works second shift. So I guess cat finally likes me.”

The cat, who was named but does not recognize himself as Todd, is reported to purred quietly while sitting still for approximately 60 seconds before moving off to somewhere else, possibly under a bed. The cat could not be reached for comment.

But Brennan is still optimistic that the cat will eventually return, even if it will only to bite at her hand until she feeds him.