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Amnesiac Demands Kink-Free Pride

LOS ANGELES- In an unexplained tragedy, forty-six-year-old lesbian Carol Brown called for a “kink-free” and “family-friendly” gay pride after losing all memory of queer oppression. Brown’s symptoms became clear in a series of tweets early this morning, when she wrote “I don’t care if you’re into leather or whips or cartoon dogs, just don’t advertise… Continue reading Amnesiac Demands Kink-Free Pride

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Pending Straight Pride Parade Prepares Plans

CLEVELAND, OH–Preparing for the Annual State Pride Parade in June proceeds briskly. The parade–often decked out in fantastic khaki and camo shades–brings a variety of white people to the streets, culminating with incels, anti-LGBT people, and white supremacists all coming together to shotgun beers outside local sports bars. The Straight Pride Parade was started by… Continue reading Pending Straight Pride Parade Prepares Plans