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Olympics Still Reiling from Inclusion of Trans Athletes

Trans Athletes have been allowed to participate in the Olympics for the past 17 years. Although no trans women athletes have yet to actually participate in the Olympics, the damage their inclusion has caused will take years to recover from.

“Did you know zero trans athletes have won medals so far? We just feel that’s way too many,” said shot-putter Amanda Hopkins. “How am I supposed to do my best if trans women are even out there existing and not even competing against me or interacting with me in any way?”

“It’s just really demoralizing, you know what I mean?” Stated long distance runner Sandy Sanderson. “4 years ago I came in 4th place! Now, as far as I know none of the women who did better than me were trans, but that’s the only conclusion I can draw to why I lost.”

We also talked to Oliver Livingston, men’s butterfly swimmer. “After my last-place performance in Rio, I was so demoralized I put on a wig and tried to join the women’s event. That’s how I found out they require a year of hormones therapy before trans women compete. I was strongly considering it though, I mean, having boobs might be fun? Then I found out all the women swimmers were still faster than me and I would probably lose anyway. F— that.”