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Woman Searches For Flights She Will Never Take

LEHIGH ACRES, FL–A local woman idly dreamed today of visiting friends she had made over the Internet over the last 5 years. In part of this process, the woman searched on various travel web sites in search of a good deal on a flight she will never take. The woman, Glenda Rossar, 42 has made a lot of friends across the United States and around the world since she first started to come out as transgender years ago. However, she has not met any of them except when she drove up to Orlando once when one was visiting the city.

“She was nice. We went to a few of the typical tourist spots. She kept checking her phone. But that’s the only one.”

The random search was for flights to Seattle, where it appears that there is an abundance of transgender people that associate with her online. “I would love to go up there and meet some of my friends. But what also about New York City? I’ve never been there!”

Rossar, who does have a social life involving Minecraft, Twitter, and potentially people she works with. She says that she wants to move but that it, “Just isn’t in the cards at this time. I can’t afford it.” 

She then ended the interview saying that she wanted to check some first class flights to Prague.