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Homophobic Remark Sees Net Profit Of $4500

A receipt with no tip, note saying “Service was good but we don’t tip sinfull[sic] homosexuals.”

MADISON, WI–Examining the receipt of a credit card customer, local waiter Ivan Dreyer discovered a rude note on it and no tip. The receipt said that there was no tip because Dreyer was a “sinfull [sic] homosexual.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Dreyer said. “It is. My husband and I have been married since it was legal and we are very very open about our polyamorous lifestyle. We are very very moral people.” However, Dryer was what some might call miffed at missing even a bottom-of-the-barrel tip might be on such an expensive bill. “This city isn’t cheap to live in. Trust me.”

So Dreyer put up the receipt on social media, which spread among his friend group and into the wider LGBT community. “My husband shared it with his friends, and they shared it with theirs. Eventually I got a call from someone who set up a GoFundMe for me and my husband. I was stunned. The GoFundMe had netted 4500 dollars. Which isn’t bad.”

When asked what he might do with the money, “I don’t know. Maybe give it to my husband. He’s wanted top surgery for a while now. We’re done having kids.”

When reached for comment, those that left 0 tip were upset that their information had been made public, even though nothing from the card itself was leaked. They contacted the restaurant where they dined and were hung up on by the manager, who was the waiter’s husband.