What Say You?

What Say You? Gayburger? Nom or Nah?

Prankster Elijah Daniel (@elijahdaniel), the former mayor of Hell, Michigan, and a man who re-wrote the bible to include drag queens and pop star, Rihanna, has announced his newest venture: Gay Burger (@gayburgerco). This restaurant is open in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Proceeds will go to the LA LGBT Center.

What Say You?

 I just hope they sell some soy-based footlong hot dogs.

William W. Williams III

Forklift Bookkeeper

I should think they know how to handle the meat.

Theresa Williams

Web Oracle and Part-Time Hand Model

Can they deliver into my closet? Maybe put it in an Arby’s bag? Nobody would look in there.

Georgina Edwards

Short Order Left Arm Cook