Top Ten Gayest Pets

Forgot long haired Chihuahuas that get nervous and pee all the time, these pets will perfectly complement your alternative lifestyle.

10. Bees
Yes, they can sting and be difficult to love, but who isn’t these days?

9. Emotional Support Bearded Dragons
Like lizards in cute vests, and need help with your anxiety? Want to come out as non-binary but hate actually saying things? We have the solution to all of your problems

8. Shiba Inus
The gayest of all dog breeds, sorry cockapoos and poodles.

7. One eyed cats
These are mainly for hipsters and lesbians, but anyone queer can benefit from a pirate cat.

6. Snakes
Everyone who buys a snake is trans and/or NB; it’s a law.

5. Rats
Keep them away from the snakes.

4. Cockatoos
Teach it to speak only in quotes from “Mean Girls”; we know you watch it once a week anyway.

3. Praying Mantises
These gals eat their lovers after sex. Same girl, same.

2. Frogs
Another staple of the non-binary, bonus- frogs have the ability to change sex if needed.

1. Catgirls
Care for catgirls is very easy: they subsist mainly on head pats and pickles. But they do require constant attention, so you must be good to your catgirls.


Wolfboys (for the androphilics)