Cis Therapist Expert on Trans Issues

DENVER, CO- Local licensed therapist Evangeline Price has an extraordinary credit on her resumé, as one of the preeminent authorities of trans people in the Rocky Mountain region, despite being a cis person and not having done any studies or research into trans people, or really any work at all into being a good therapist on gender issues.

“Well, as a counselor, I’ve had occasion to help lots of young trans people get on their feet. I talked to this one thing trans guy the other day, who was very worried that he would never be able to have a family if he transitioned. I told him he should watch more of the L-Word, and that solved his problem!” Price tells us, from her office in the local Rainbow Alliance center in Denver.

“I know all about trans guys, you know. All trans guys start off as lesbians, and as a lesbian myself, I know where they’re coming from.” Price continues, as she pets her cat that lives in her office. “I have even been on Testosterone myself, a low dose, for a short period of time, to try to fix my libido. It didn’t work, by the way.”

Price has also treated several trans women. “I was talking to this one… Um… Woman who was worried she wouldn’t be pretty and thus accepted if she transitioned. That’s a fair worry, you know, and if you saw her you would understand. So I just told her she should try carrying some feminine cloth, like lace or something, in her pocket, so she could rub it and feel feminine if she ever thinks about transitioning again!”

We spoke to several of her patients, who gave her glowing reviews of “she takes my insurance,” and “if you can believe it, I’ve had worse therapists.” One patient even went as far as to call her “adequate,” which is as good as it gets for gender therapists in the middle section of the country.