Top 9 Ways To Use Your Stimulus To Bring Down The Patriarchy

Share The Wealth!?

Queer Coded aims to help you decide how to use your stimulus at the highest level!


Bang Bang

Get top surgery and replace your nipples with guns.


Think Of The Children

Hostile takeover of Mattel and insist they make Non-Binary Bar’b.


Climate Activism Helps!

Mail plastic ocean waste to Mitch McConnell.



Throw emergency pride parade.


We’re In This Together!

Mail vibrators to nursing homes.


Buy An NFT For Manhood

Don’t do this, actually.


Help Poor Trans Women

Just Search #transcrowdfund on Twitter!


Mass Hysteria

Replace All Bathroom Signs With Unisex Bathroom Signs


Cancel Culture!

Buy local TV ad time to burn Dr. Suess books.