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Queer Weaboos Plan on Flocking to Japan

SAPPORO, JAPAN–A recent court victory for proponents of same sex marriage in Japan has the queer community very excited for the future of LGBTQ rights in Japan and around the world. Arguably, no one is more excited than so-called “Weaboos”, hard-core Anime and Japanese culture fans in the West. Queer Weaboos everywhere are abuzz with hopes that Japan is now queer-friendly.

“I’ve always wanted to live in Japan, and have been teaching myself Japanese in my free time,” stated Rebecca Fleming, a call center worker in Ohio. “I’m really hoping this is an indication I could be my true, authentic self there,” she added. “At least that’s what I learned reading exclusively ‘Boy’s Love’ comics.”

“When the pandemic is over I’m definitely going over to Japan, maybe as an English teacher or something,” said Anabel Paulie, who left college to pursue an opportunity at a coffee shop in Indiana. “As a trans woman, I want to go somewhere safe and accepting of me.” Upon being informed that most common HRT methods available in the US are not approved in Japan, she said “I don’t see that as a problem. I’ll just bring my own!”

“Why do they want to come here? Most of us have to be closeted due to society pressures.” responded Japanese LGBTQ activist Yu Kinoshita. “We’re encouraged that same-sex marriage will come up Japan, but we’re still far behind the US.” He stopped a moment and thought.

“Then again, they won’t be mass-murdered here; so if they want to come, why not.”