Dan Savage Apologizes for Past Transphobia

SEATTLE–Allegedly, Dan Savage has apologized for years of transphobia in his columns.

“I wasn’t transphobic, I was never scared of trans people,” Savage said. “When I wasn’t shaming and misgendering them (like I did in my article ‘Bad Tr*nny’), I did some things that were positive for them–none of which I remember offhand. I could look them up for you if you really want.”

“And when I said trans people should just date trans people, I totally knew that that was something they already did a lot of. And not just. But, like, don’t date the cis if you can help it.”

One step Savage has taken recently to make amends was to defend journalist and conversion therapy enthusiast Jesse Singal. Singal was under attack by the anti-LGBTQ terrorist group GLAAD.

“We, as cis white guys, are allowed to decide what’s transphobic and what’s not,” Dan added. “I mean, come on! Are you going to let those fucking crazy tr*nnys call white people transphobic?? At least I didn’t call them fat this time.”