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Jenner’s Gubernatorial Hopes Go Down In Flames; No One Cares

BEVERLY HILLS, CA- A month after Caitlyn Jenner lost her bid for governor of California, Queer Coded editors notice that, well, Caitlyn Jenner lost her bid for governor of California a month ago.

“No one’s really surprised she lost,” says Californian political pundit Jay Munsey. “Who even supported her? Not pro-trans people, not anti-trans people. It’s the only thing we can all agree on.”

“In fact, I’m not even sure how she got even a whole 1% of the vote. Who is that 1%? Trans millionaires? There can’t be more than, like, 4 of them.”

Jenner is reported to be laying low at home, contemplating how else to stay relevant without actually having any redeeming qualities whatsoever. She was considering a career in NASCAR but then found out you actually have to be able to drive for that.

“Oh, it’s over?” Says an associate editor of Queer Coded. “Good. Can we stop talking about her now?”