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Local Writer Submits Materials for Show that Airs Way Past Bedtime.

Comedy is best bright and early

Local comedian an aspiring writer Megan Jones just finished a late-night packet. For those not “in the know,” a packet is a sample collection of monologue jokes, field pieces, sketches, etc. that comedians submit to be considered for writers’ room jobs on late night shows. These shows are hosted by famous people such as Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Stewart, and other heterosexuals!

Late-night writing opportunities have become more abundant since writers’ rooms still mostly work from home. And all of the shows’ time-slots are way too late for a reasonable adult who needs the rest!

“I’m a big fan of late night shows. Always have been.” said Megan, pressing “send” on a submission email. “It’s just that I usually watch them the next day, streaming, because I go to bed early!” Through yawns, Megan informed us that this is how it’s always been for her. When Jones was a child, Mom and Dad would tape the Arsenio Hall show on a VHS for her to watch the next morning while she got ready for school.

“I still think I have a good shot at getting the job,” Megan told us. “I’m still pretty topical and I hear about things within 24 hours. I’ve just had a good night’s rest before I joke about them.” Megan hopes that this unique perspective, as well as being gay, gets her noticed.

We questioned if she was willing to adjust her schedule, should she get the opportunity, but Megan replied “I’m kind of doing this thing where I don’t eat after 6 PM, so if I stay up too late I get hungry, so that’s a no-go!”

We reached out after a week for further comment, but Megan Jones said they were busy eating pancakes and watching last nights Late Late Show with James Corden” which turned out to be a rerun.