Straight Woman On Hunt For More Explicit Gay Media Before Queer As Folk Reboot Airs

EAU CLAIRE, WI–After a long day at work, Madelyn Turner used to relax by re-watching the classic LGBT TV show Queer As Folk, but she is looking for more lately. She’s started to search out more explicit gay media. “It started with the Q.A.F., and I’ll watch the reboot, but now, let’s just say a girl has needs.”

Turner said she started touring the gay male media landscape after Brokeback Mountain, but lately she’s been moving onto more explicit movies. “A couple years ago I was doing that whole 50 Shades Of Gray thing, but then I watched Sauvage/Wild, which…oh boy.”

Turner, who insists that she’s a straight cis women, has continued to accrue a vast library of Man Loving Man titles, but she hasn’t told her husband of 30 years. “This is just my personal thing.”

She says she enjoys the characters. “They just seem more equal to each other than in a lot of typically straight stuff.” When asked about traditional romance, she said, “That’s boring. I really can’t stand it.”

“I was intrigued by Hunting Season, and India Blues was a study in how to film sex without really showing the sex, and the gentleness of Hawaii. I sometimes think of that shower scene in India blues and how the soap kind of reminds me of…” then she coughed and started typing “gay porn” into Google.