Famous Person Potentially Coming Out Mixes Joy Of Representation, Fear Of Same

SAN FRANCISCO–If the rumors are true, a certain celebrity will be finally coming out of the closet after years of speculation, leading to fears that they will, indeed, be terrible.

“I hope that they find some peace, but honestly I am kind of scared,” Catherine Halls, 37, said. “I’m a trans lesbian and honestly after the giant mess of the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation, I’m always a little on edge about it.” Catherine, who once had to defend Caitlyn’s use of she/her pronouns to a Joe Rogan fan, said that she knew coming out involved a learning curve. “But you have to, like, try? Caitlyn just didn’t. She had all these famous friends and advocates and trans people, like Jenny Boylan, but then she just went and [expletive] it up. Even supporting Trump for [expletive] sake.”

Dan Savage (no relation to the advice columnist), 25, agreed. “I heard that he was gay. Sometimes people will just really work against gay rights when they have a position of power. I want him to be happy but I just don’t know if I can accept someone into our community that’s done so much damage.” Savage then went on, “At least I hope he doesn’t come out as an abusive person in the same letter. Or, as we call it, pulling a Spacey.”

There has been a history of people coming out, then receiving backlash due to something they said or did. It’s not just famous people, but they can do the most damage. According to studies, approximately 93.6% of famous people are terrible in some way and, according to at least one report, 100% of celebrities are human. However, some push back on the assumption that people ought to be held to standards for behavior.

“Listen, I just don’t think we ought to face consequences for hurting people’s feelings,” Patricia Neuberger stated. Neuberger, who declined to give her age, said, “I just don’t believe in cancel culture. And I think if I can say it enough, people will believe me that it is a thing. Cancel culture. Cancel culture. Cancel culture. You see? CANCEL!”

It might not be a surprise then that the celebrity denied rumors they were coming out. Those denials were echoed and amplified by the LGBT community. They firmly stated they would prefer the celebrity stay in the closet. Although the LGBT community is usually known for acceptance, there are exceptions. These exceptions are where the community will deny rumors of a celebrity’s sexuality before celebrity has a chance to do if for themselves, this is known as the Ann Coulter effect.