In Massive Show of Support, LGBTQ+ Community Scrambles to Figure Out What JoJo Siwa Does So We Can Buy It

BEVERLY HILLS–The news is out, and so is Joelle Joanie “Jojo” Siwa! Siwa, 17, made headlines when she announced that she is queer on social media – a huge deal for a children’s entertainer.

In order to preemptively protect her against probable backlash from angry parents, the LGBTQ community has come together to support the young star in her endeavors in…acting, we think? Or is she a singer? She was definitely IN Dance Moms, but we don’t think she’s like, a “dancer,” like Alvin Ailey or Martha Graham ya know?

Whatever it is about Siwa that attracts millions of children all over America, the LGBTQ Community is determined to find out so we can spend money on it.

“We are so proud of her,” said local lesbian Maeve Roberts, whose 7-year-old niece is a huge JoJo Siwa fan. “We need more LGBTQ+ role models for children in the…rock and roll community? Or is it pop?”

Maeve’s partner, Glenda, confirmed that JoJo was on dance moms, but is pretty sure she writes novels now. Maeve and Glenda are excited to support Siwa by buying her novel, or downloading her single, or whatever.

“I just sent a blank check to her agent with her name on it,” said Betty, a Los Angeles PFLAG chapter leader. “But if there’s like, a tiktok dance I have to learn or an app I’m supposed to download, I’m totally willing to do that too. Anything to support LBGTQ representation in…her field.”

Local drag king Ken Doll Jenner told QueerCoded exclusively, “I know who JoJo Siwa is from a parody of her on Drag Race. I guess she pulls her hair a lot? She is also hyper, and she seems to like rainbows.” Ken Doll has since bought several shares of Rainbow Rare Earths (RBWRF) on Robinhood app. They are unaware if there is any correlation between the Siwa and the company.

As to whether or not JoJo receives royalties on a purchase of a DVD box set of Dance Moms, Lifetime Network has yet to respond to our inquiry.