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Cis Actors Decry Lack Of Oscar Bait Trans Roles

LOS ANGELES–This year’s 93rd Academy Awards displayed a large amount of diversity, at least by Oscar standards, but one group remained on the sidelines throughout the ceremonies: cisgender actors looking to play trans roles so they can win Oscars.

“This isn’t fair,” said an actor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “If I want to dress like a woman and be an exaggerated woman, that’s really my right. And don’t I deserve an award for that? Or even, you know. Consideration. I mean [Eddie] Redmayne got a nomination. What about me?”

This did not only for cisgender male actors, but the for actresses as well. An actress, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “I mean I fought giant space villains. I obviously can’t take, say, a supporting role. Or help produce the film. That’s not really what I do. Obviously.”

There was a lack of LGBTQ representation on the dais, but it wasn’t completely straight; Jan Pascale won an award for Set Design on David Fincher’s Mank; and Travon Free won for his stunning short film Two Distant Strangers, but even the film about a bisexual blues icon, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, missed out on the main awards it was nominated for.

However, this minor bit of inclusion was overshadowed by the question on many cis actors lips, “When can I get an Oscar for dressing in drag?”

Only time will tell.