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BLOG: Wait, Hold on, What Election is This?

Yeah, Sure, I’ll Take Another.

BLOG POST – Los Feliz, CA – So it’s been in the news that Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor of California. Yeah, I watch the news, because I’m like…really informed. A lot of LGBTQ individuals, as well as anyone with any common sense isn’t exactly on board with her current campaign, which is basically Trump’s campaign. This election is shaping up to be a big one!

But as much as I hate to do this, I have to ask… what election is this? We’re voting again? Really?

Look, I’m pretty political. I vote in every single election. ALL of them. They happen every two years. And that’s IT! That’s why I’m so confused, because I swore I just voted for someone like… recently? We totally just did this in November. November was ABSOLUTELY less than a year ago. I’m sure of it. I think. Am I crazy?

Also, we already have a governor. His name is Gavin Newsom, and I’m pretty sure it’s still his turn. In fact, there are signs all around the city of Los Angeles reminding us of this fact. You may have seen them. They say “RECALL NEWSOM.” The definition of “recall” is to bring to someone’s mind, like in a memory. We ALL remember Gavin Newsom! I have recollections of him every day! So how could we possibly need a new governor? We don’t! You’ll RECALL, we have NEWSOM!

Which brings us back to the original question: Are we sure there’s an election now?

I’m just so confused. I’m not going to vote for Caitlin either way, but can someone just tell me if we’re doing this? Like for real real? Just tell me when, so I can clear out my calendar. I have acupuncture on Tuesdays so I’ll have to cancel that. We still do this on Tuesdays right?


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