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Bill To Remove Kids From LGBT Parents Clears Hurdle

AUSTIN, TX–Signaling a major step towards the re-criminalization of homosexuality in the state, Tennessee lawmakers completed drafting of the No Child Left To Gays Act. The act would allow for the removal of children from homes headed by LGBTQ parents; it redefines “child abuse” to include being raised in a home with “sex congruent household,” or home where two or more adults of the same sex are engaged in a relationship.

The act passed on a party line vote and will be sent to the governor, who is expected to sign it. Senate Minority Leader Glenda Ward said, “We are saddened that such a vital piece of legislation was passed without bi-partisan cooperation. We could have worked together to move forward this bill, but the Republicans insist on doing things without the help of the minority party.”

An aide to the Texas House Majority leader said, “It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve laid the groundwork. When we defined supporting transgender children as their identified gender as child abuse, that was just a start. Fortunately, nobody outside of that group seemed to fight too hard, which signals to us that these kind of laws could be implemented with little fuss except from activist circles.” They continued. “It’s the position now of the Texas state government that these children are in a home that is fundamentally abusive and we must protect the children from such a deleterious environment. When such children are discovered, we can take them and put them into a foster or group home where they can get the attention and support they need.”

But this law was criticized even by some Republicans, such as former Ron Paul chief of staff, Ron McGuffin. “I see this as a vast government overreach,” he said. “What this does is really support the Foster Parent Industrial Complex. These children should be emancipated, so they can directly contribute to society and not be a burden on the taxpayer.”