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Biden To Trans Americans: We Have Your Back, And Your Shoulders Are Tense


Biden, Harris, Pelosi at 2021 Joint Session Address
Biden, Harris, Pelosi at 2021 Joint Session Address

WASHINGTON DC–Speaking for the first time before a joint session of congress as President of the United States, President Joe Biden had an inspiring message for transgender Americans. President Biden said, “To all the transgender Americans watching at home […] I want you to know that your president has your back. And your neck and shoulders are awfully tense. Maybe I can help with that.”

“This is a bold statement from the president,” said Human Rights Campaign Spokesperson Slade McDuffy. “He recommitted to passing the Equality Act. It’s a truly important statement especially now that dozens of states have passed or are considering limits on lives of trans children most especially.” McDuffy went on, “And right now, trans people certainly are tense.”

On the day of Biden’s speech, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed a law that prohibited trans women and girls from participating in sports at any public school or institution of higher education.  In Texas, a law that redefines child abuse to include support of transgender children passed their Senate. These kind of laws have become what appear to be the front line in the culture wars, and transgender Americans are feeling the squeeze.

Christine Farley, a West Virginia resident who transitioned a few years ago, said “I just want to live my life. My mom and dad supported me. I’m now an adult. These kind of things make me want to move, but I grew up here. I’m really torn,” he said. “And Biden is right, my shoulders are tense. I sure could use some help.”

Mr. Biden called Ms. Farley Thursday morning. “You could come down to the White House. Maybe have a seat in the Oval. I could give you a nice neck and shoulder massage to help.”

But Farley remained unsure. “Mister President,” she said. “I appreciate your words during the speech but we’ve seen such promises before. What will you do to make it happen?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll get it done. C’mon. What kind of shampoo do you use? I bet it smells great!”

After the phone conversation, Ms. Farley sighed and said, “I never got a solid answer. Well, at least he knows I am a woman.”