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BBC to Host Panel on Cis Gender Individuals

LONDON- Get your remotes out, for a report on the health and wellness of cis gender individuals is set to air next Thursday evening at 9 p.m. It will feature a panel of various experts and personalities to address subjects such as medical and psychiatric needs of non-transgender people, along with other hot topics such as bathroom use and participation in athletics.

One personality to expect will be comedienne Eddie Izzard, who recently came out as genderqueer. She is expected to speak at length on if puberty blockers are needed for youths who have not come out as transgender. “Many people don’t come out as trans until later in life, so shouldn’t we delay the puberties of everyone until they’re old enough to decide their gender identity? That way no one will have to go through the wrong puberty.”

Later in the broadcast Chaz Bono is expected to chime in on letting cis men people participate in men’s sports teams. “It’s just not fair to trans men, who may have only been on testosterone a short period of time. Yes, doctors say that two years of hormones replacement therapy should be sufficient for all trans people to participate in sports teams of their chosen gender. But shouldn’t the comfort and feelings of trans people be taken into account over that of cis people?”

Lastly, Laverne Cox is expected to address the bathroom issue. “I always feel a little worried in women’s bathrooms. How do I know there won’t be some cis TERF in there trying to peep at people’s genitals in there? I just feel people like that should have their own bathrooms, you know?”

Other guests include broadcaster India Willoughby, and Youtuber Abigail Thorn. When the BBC was asked if a panel on Cis people should have at least one cis person, a spokesman replied that they were confident they could present all sides of the issue without having to include any of “those” people.