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“You’ll Love It!” Says Gay, Of Utterly Unwatchable Show

CHICAGO–“I think you’ll really love it,” local gay Leah King said today, of the least watchable television program you’ve experienced. “It’s one of my personal favorites,” she continued, mystifyingly. “And I think you would really enjoy it!” Political fact checkers were quick to correct that you would not enjoy it, and neither would any normal person.

King, who is LGBT–if you didn’t know–explained further that, “It’s not so much the story that makes it good. Or any of the characters. Or the production. It’s really… You know, you kind of have to see it, actually.”

“Oh yeah, don’t watch anything Leah tells you to,” Rachel Nguyen, one of King’s friends commented. “One time we let her pick a movie for movie night. I’m the only one who still hangs out with her, and that’s because I was sick that night.”

“Maybe it’s a gay thing?” she added.

“It also has great queer representation!” Leah added, despite the fact that the show’s eleven seasons do not contain great anything. “Not like, explicitly, of course. Like, none of the characters say they’re queer, or have queer relationships, or have queer experiences, or engage in queer culture, or… What was I saying?”

“The show really made me what I am today,” she continued. The show’s regular cast is entirely cisgender and heterosexual. Not one of them behaves remotely like a human being on even one occasion.

Asked for comment, Doug Richards, the creator of the show and head writer for the first four seasons said, “Wow, someone likes that show? Gee. No offense but… why?”

“Of course it doesn’t really get good until the sixth season,” Leah cautioned, of the show which does not get good in any season.