War on Christmas: It’s December 26th

WASHINGTON DC–Well, the liberal social elites and social justice warriors are up to their old tricks again. In their most shocking assault yet on the beloved and time-honored tradition of Christmas, it is now December 26.

Thanks to this underhanded sleight, The Left has gotten everything they ever wanted. Nobody’s wishing each other “Merry Christmas” anymore. The trees and wreaths? Gone from the stores. The Christmas specials? Stopped. If someone even dares to say that it’s Christmas day now, they’ll be immediately “corrected”.

We should have seen this coming.

As recently as yesterday, families were gathering together all over the country to celebrate Christmas. Trees were decorated and glasses of egg nog were poured. Today? All of that is a thing of the past. How did the American Left manage this trick? By changing the rules. Suddenly, “that was yesterday” and “It’s Sunday now.” Absolutely insane.

This complete change of date wasn’t just on a few college campuses and dorm rooms. This was all over America. All over people were forced to pull pages off calendars or remember new dates to appease this Leftist whim. None of them signed on for this culture war. Why do they have to suffer its consequences?

“Oh, I had a really lovely Christmas with my friends,” said Lisa Sawyer, one of millions affected by the conniving political ploys of the “Woke” Left. “But, no, I wasn’t planning on doing it again today.”

When asked whether she thought of it being tomorrow instead of yesterday, Sawyer answered, “Huh?”

“This is classic liberal behavior,” explained conservative writer and social media figure Joseph Murphyson. “Liberals hate tradition, because they think it’s racist. And since tradition comes from the past, they hate the past too. That means they also hate the present, because it becomes the past. So, what’s more fitting to Liberal Ideology than making up completely new days?”

“December 26th is a date,” he added. “You know what else is a date? 1984. Think about it.”