Trans Day Of Visibility: Trans Push Opacity Sliders To 100%

CHICAGO–Celebrating the annual Trans Day Of Visibility, the nation’s graphic designers have checked to ensure trans people’s were visible. They did this through pushing up a common function, the opacity slider, to 100%. This Wednesday, Kira Xi, 32, had the honor. “I am just so excited to be able to allow my trans siblings this honor of visibility today.”

“After a few long years under the Trump administration, and recent states attacking trans youths, it’s just good to really be pushed out and made visible instead of just living life like we really want to,” she said. “There are trans people all over the world. This is our real chance to at least pretend we have a choice in the matter.”

She then added, “I am just saddened we’ll have to dim ourselves to 23% tomorrow. Until someone passes more laws. Then we’ll have to call various politicians and beg for our rights. Or a company uses us to market to people. Or some old transphobe tries to implicate us in their cancel culture bullshit.”

Not all transgender people are a fan of the day, however, said Marc Conte, 34, “As a trans man who passes, I know it’s like to kind of fade into the background. But being a dad as a trans man is amazing.” Conte, who was watching his child play at a park said. “Just because some of us have kids doesn’t mean we should be transparent.”