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Sinus Infection Turns Badass Queer Activist into Sad Lil Baby

Sandie Brown is fierce. They are political. They are mean. They are sick with some sniffles.

Sniffles in gay

The non-binary, queer activist is always ready to take on any fight that presents itself against the LGBTQIA+ community. Nothing gets in the way of Sandie’s righteous anger and fury…except for a wicked case of post-nasal drip.

“I just feel so weak!” whines the activist, who thrice punched a nazi. “My whole head is stuffy and it hurts to cough!” Sandie, who once took a backpack of lemons and bandanas to a Women’s March in anticipation of being tear gassed, sneezed into a rainbow colored kerchief.

Often Sandie suffers from the traumas of half the country voting against their basic human rights. Currently, they suffer from a sore throat and a stuffy nose. They are equally bad, Sandie claims.

“I just want my mommy!” We clarified with Sandie, and yes, they do mean the same mommy that they yelled at a month ago for eating at Chick-Fil-A. “I’ll just ask for spicy nuggets from Wendy’s or something. To clear my sinuses!”

We reached out to Sandie after 24 hours on antibiotics. They are still bed-ridden, arguing with transphobes on Facebook, and eating dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.