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Queer Leftist Listens to Country Song Quietly; Avoids Being Perceived as Republican

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Santa Monica, CA – Recently, country music has become the genre most associated with conservatives, white people, and other heterosexual nonsense.

That’s why local queer person, Jordie Asher, listens to their favorite song, “Cowboy Take Me Away” by The Chicks, in the comfort of their own hybrid vehicle (windows up).

“I’m not even a big country music fan, actually, but that song slaps. Like, objectively slaps,” Asher told QueerCoded exclusively. “I was driving up the PCH. The weather was gorgeous. I really wanted to belt it out and roll the windows down, get the full experience, but I didn’t want people in other cars to think I was a Republican or something. I mean the band was once called the DIXIE Chicks.”

Records show that Asher drives a Toyota Prius. When asked whether this could be a big clue to other drivers around them that they are, in fact, cool and gay, Asher replied, “it’s California. You see republicans in the most unexpected places, even farmers markets. You just never know.”

QueerCoded confirmed that Asher does, in fact, know all the lyrics to the song and is able to sing it very, very quietly. Asher also noted that they ARE aware that Los Angeles was the least appropriate setting to blast a song about being alone and wild in the rugged countryside.