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Queer Coded Media Announces Distributed Print Edition

The Distributed Print Edition At Work!

ROCKFORD, IL–Following a successful launch in April of this year, a local company is prepared to bring back print news to the state-line region. Queer Coded Media, LLC, is pleased to announce a print edition utilizing a innovative distributed model.

Editor in Chief, Jen Durbent, stated, “There’s nothing better than the tangible feeling of reading on paper. Now, e-readers have come a long way, but we feel our readers miss that feeling that is quickly becoming scarce in America: paper in your hands. Even one of our local competitors, the Rockford Register Star, recently decommissioned their on-site printer, which is, frankly, a loss for our region.”

But a press can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars to commission and build. This is where Durbent’s team focused their vision.

“You see, you have this democratization of the means of production. Right? Like, Uber and Lyft moved Taxi Cabs to anyone’s car. And there’s a kind of beauty in that: use one of the most expensive personal purchases a person can make, and then make money off of it any way you can. We did the same. Except it’s not just people with cars here. It’s people with printers. And a lot of people have a printer.”

The technology is what Durbent calls “Distributed Print Technology.” Durbent explained, “This is a multi-platform development. For mobile, Mac, PC, Chrome Books, iPads. It works everywhere. And best of all: it doesn’t cost us anything. We’ve distributed the costs of a printing press across millions of printers all over the world. Just like Uber distributed the costs of a taxi fleet. This is quite literally the best business to be in because we are letting other people who have stuff use that stuff and we make money from it. That’s America, baby!”

Some skeptics say it is unclear how Queer Coded will make money, but that does not appear to bother investors as they are prepared to gather $14 million USD in first-round venture capital.