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Local Woman Prepares To Re-Watch Favorite Show From The 00’s

30 Rock Team Accepting An Emmy in 2008

FAYETTEVILLE, AR–Sensing a bit of a low feeling in her life, a local transgender woman is considering re-watching one of the shows she enjoyed most pre-transition, a moderately successful NBC sitcom named 30 Rock. The re-watch of one of her favorite TV shows comes at a point where Diane Whyte cannot quite remember all the bad things about the show but has kind memories of Kenneth the Internet and being attracted to Tina Fey, in what she realizes now is a very lesbian way.

“This is like my favorite show of the late 00’s. Before things got really weird in the past 6 years or so. I mean, I know it’s got some problematic themes. But, really could it be that bad?”

After she had finished the first episode, White said “Oh. Those. Uhh. Yeah. Uhh. Thanks, Fey.”