Men pretending to be women still more popular than actual women

BROOKLYN–A struggling gay bar has come up with an innovative way to stay in business during the pandemic: a drag queen delivery service. Patrons in New York can order food and drinks from the bar The Rosemont, and a feisty drag queen named Magenta will deliver them along with a fiery lip sync on their doorstep.

Business is booming, but as we find with local trans woman and Uber Eats delivery driver Elise Martin, not everyone is a fan. “It’s not that I’m not happy they’ve found a way to keep going… But when I show up at people’s door with their Uber Eats delivery, it’s a 50/50 shot if they’re going to score me badly because I’m trans. So maybe I should just put on a wig and dance around on the sidewalk as well? Would that get me better tips?”

Shortly after we got her statement, Elise actually applied for a delivery gig with the Rosemont. She was told by supervisors that she was not what they were looking for, as they want people dressing as women, not actual women. Elise left the interview feeling validated and also still in debt.

We’ve also learned that a cis-woman who does drag, Ivana Wilde, was also rejected by the bar. Meanwhile, nearby bar Cypress has introduced a drag king delivery service, but they have yet to find much of an audience.