What Say You?

What Say You? Camp Boomerang Bans Trans Men

Private, gay men-only campground Camp Boomerang hasn’t even opened yet, but they’re already generating controversy.

The Orleans, Michigan camp has announced strict requirements for membership, such as banning trans men. From their private Facebook announcement, “Camp Boomerang is a private, membership-only RV park/campground that allows only ‘guys.’ A ‘guy,’ in terms of this discussion, is defined as a person with a penis, [who] presents himself as male and has a state-issued ID that says ‘male.'”

What Say You?

Before my phalloplasty, I always needed my boyfriend’s help setting up tents and starting fires.

Jason Sanders

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If there’s one thing a girl’s dick is good for, it’s chopping wood.

Grace Lee

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It’s not true that I don’t have a penis. I do. It’s purple and I bought it off the Internet. I named it Carl.

Carl Hughes

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