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Local They/Them Got She/Her’d SO Hard Over Holiday Weekend.

a they/them hit in the face with a she/her
a they/them hit in the face with a she/her

All across America, millions of people got together with their families over the Thanksgiving holiday. The long weekend marked the first time in two years that many families were able to celebrate together, in-person, IRL, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Thanksgiving also marked a LOT of misgendering of non-binary people by their families. Specifically – Quinn Harper. Harper (they/them), a hairdresser, was misgendered by each and every one of their family members throughout the holiday weekend, describing the constant “she/her”s as “pretty annoying, actually.”

Harper is openly non-binary, and often writes posts and shares memes about being non-binary on social media, where several of their family members follow them. They also have their pronouns in all email signatures and profile headers. Several family members seemingly acknowledge and react to these posts, including Harper’s brother Kyle, making it extra confusing when Kyle kept telling their mother to “pass HER the good cranberry sauce, the one in the can like SHE likes.”

One aunt followed up with “that’s my girl!” as Harper ate their CranJelly.

When we followed up with Kyle regarding his transgression, his representative sent the following statement: “oh whoops!”
Harper says they weren’t incredibly bothered, but it was irritating at times, and they wonder if things will ever change.

“I mean yeah, grandparents are gonna misgender me. That’s expected every now and then,” Harper reported, adding that they thought the younger, more “woke” relatives had caught on by now.

What was NOT expected were instances where the family misgendered them when it wasn’t even necessary to refer to them in the third person. “There’s no need to talk TO my dog ABOUT me. You don’t have to tell my dog ‘she’s right here!’ He sees me. I’m literally right here, like you said. Also he’s a dog?”

QueerCoded has received information that when a stranger misgendered Quinn Harper’s dog on Black Friday, their mother corrected the stranger.