Local Man Remembers To Take Testosterone

WAUKESHA, WI–Impressing himself and his roommate, local man Jake Hartely remembered to take his testosterone shot on time for the first time in two years.

“I used to inject T every Sunday morning on the dot. Sometimes, I could feel my T levels dipping the day before the shot, and I’d feel like shit. But now it doesn’t seem to make a difference on my mood if I don’t take it right away, and I have a hard time remembering it each week,” says Jake.

Jake states that his aversion to needles is starting to trump his hunger for his hormones.

“When I first started T, I would take pictures of myself every week to judge changes. I would count each facial hair as they came in.” But now, 5 years later, changes are slowing down for Jake. “Really at this point the main thing coming in is more and more butt hair, and I could do without that.”

Jake attributes his remembering to inject on time this time to seeing an add for sketchy testosterone boosters TV. He is celebrating taking his man juice on time by drinking frilly, fruity drinks and watching Netflix.