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Local Man Explains Penises To Local Woman Who Had One For 45 Years

TERRE HAUTE, IN–Ending a quiet Sunday evening before getting to bed, a local man decided to a log onto social media and see what his friends were up to when he saw a post about penises on a woman’s page. Michael Clarkson, 34, decided to explain the difficulties he had peeing into a cup on Julie Kirkland’s  post about her trouble. Mr. Clarkson, who is a fully grown adult man with a wife and children, wrote a detailed post about how his last drug test went. “I had to put my penis in the cup. Then you never know if the pressure is going to be enough or too much or if it’s going to overspill.”

“He went on and on like this,” Kirkland said. “I did send him a message–a private message–to ask him to delete it. But he refused. He said that I should have a look at, as he put it, ‘the other side.'”

“I tried to explain to her that it was important that everyone understand that, like, everyone has their battles. And she just didn’t want to accept that.”

“I finally unfriended him,” Kirkland said. “I even told him, I said ‘Mike. I’m trans. I had a dick until just last year. He mansplained an organ I had for forty-five years.”

At press time, Mr Clarkson insisted he had done nothing wrong and then claimed Kirkland was  participating in cancel culture for unfriending him.