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List: Let’s Just Say We’ll Be Impressed If You Conquer These Planets In The Name Of Our Space Emperor

Artist’s concept of Iota Draconis b (foreground) orbiting its parent star (center).

Let’s get it out of the way, you’re awful. But there’s still something we need from you: A collection of worlds from which to extend our leader’s empire in this Galaxy.


Mu Arae e is also known as HD160691e, this planet is named after the character in the totally hot Don Quixote. Not to be outdone by it’s larger companion, this very sexy world provides some very resources that would appeal not only to our Space Emperor, but also the author of this very article.


The current Spanish spelling of Quixote, this planet is also known as Mu Arae b, but let’s not ignore the possiblity that this gas giant planet lies within the so-called habitable zone, which means it is possible that there may be life for our Space Emperor to subjugate.


Also known as Iota Draconis b, this was the first planet found orbiting a giant star, so you know this would be a great feather in the cap of our space emperor for at least one of their many many heads.


This star is in the constellation Hercules and is named after a Gallic deity of war. So while our Space Emperor is not really concerned about either of these things, the factoids may allow the Space Emperor to bless you with permission to continue living.

HD 41004 Ab

The eccentricity of orbits for this planet might be useful in the smelting of exotic materials.


Eh, you never know what you might find here.