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If My Sexuality Were A Mental Disorder, I’d Have Ignored it Longer

I am sick and tired of the stigma surrounding the Queer community! For too long, we’ve had to endure erasure and insulting assumptions. As a Queer Woman, let me be perfectly clear: my sexuality is not a mental disorder! I ignored my mental disorders for a lot longer than my sexuality.
I am not confused. Well, I was confused for thirty years, but that was mainly about how simple tasks seemed repeatedly insurmountable causing frustration, self-loathing, and countless missed opportunities. I wasn’t confused about liking girls nearly as long as I was confused about why I couldn’t remember important information literally seconds after hearing it.
Sure, to the uninitiated, my mental health and my sexuality have a lot in common. Both were kept secret during my formative years. Both fill me with dread about the future. I’m uncomfortable discussing either with my family. But that’s it- besides the constant threat they both pose to my safety and position in society. Also, neither one defines me, entirely. And that’s it. 
In conclusion, don’t mention this to my mom.