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“All The Balls in the Manatee Pool” – Making Sure Everyone is Made Fun Of

It’s a manatee.

We at Queer Coded believe no topics should be off topic. Freedom of speech is of the utmost importance, in particular our right to say whatever the hell we want to say at any time.

We are particularly fond of making fun of Caitlyn Jenner, despite being thoroughly tired of her. As such we would sincerely not appreciate any effort to stop talking about her, though honestly can we stop talking about her?

That said, there are some groups that have escaped ridicule thusfar and we wish you remedy this.

5. People who sing Christmas songs in the bathroom

Where is this Christmas cheer coming from? Why are they doing this in July? Why has no one stabbed them yet?

4. Women’s clothing designers who don’t use pockets

Seriously, women need pockets. Who thinks women don’t need pockets? This is a serious problem people.

This guy was terrible but they all were to be honest p

3. All of the various white guys playing detectives on “Death in Paradise”

Have you seen this show? It’s about murder in the Caribbean but the one who solves every mystery is some pasty British guy who probably would get stabbed for real in real life.

2. People who mispronounce “manga”

It’s mahn-ga. Not mango with an a at the end. It’s 2021 have some cultural knowledge people.

1. Dave Chappelle fans

These whiny snowflakes lose there minds at even the slightest criticism of their hero. Can you imagine being that sensitive? Losers.