Elderly Gay Forced To Learn Who DaBaby Is

DaBaby performing at a concert. (Rich Fury/Getty)

TOLEDO, OH–Listening intently to some of his boyfriends’ friends, a local gay man was unfortunately reminded of his age as the visitors talked about the latest incidents of what some called “cancel culture.” The man then unfortunately learned of the existence of a rapper named DaBaby. Miles Allen, 39, is a little older than some of his boyfriend’s friends and really hasn’t ever paid that much attention to music outside of his niche listening habits. Allen was surprised and a little disappointed that a rapper had become as famous as DaBaby apparently was and he had not even heard of his name before.

“It makes me feel, like, so old, to be honest. I mean, I was born in the 80’s. It’s just weird to be experiencing that now.” Allen, who listens mostly to heavy metal music, says the feeling has been even more frequent lately. “Really I have no idea who they are. To be fair, I know my man doesn’t know who I listen to. He says it all sounds the same. But I can hear the difference.”

DaBaby recently made headlines as it came to light that he allegedly issued some homophobic statements during a concert. Some believe that this was a shrewd business move designed to increase publicity to those, like Allen, had no idea who DaBaby was. In a way, it worked.

Allen said, “I mean now I know who he is; he’s a 29 year old homophobic rapper who calls himself DaBaby. But, as an elderly gay man ten years his senior, I must say I am probably not in his key demographic.”