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Demi Lovato Comes Out As Non-Binary, Cishets Confused

Singer Demi Lovato


HOLLYWOOD–Singer Demi Lovato announced on their podcast that they are non-binary and use they/them pronouns. This has given the opportunity for dozens if not hundreds of newspapers, fans, and others to misgender them in discussions, captions, and news stories around the world, as well as bringing out many people who have opinions on other people and how they live their lives instead of leaving them alone.

Daily Caller’s Headline About Levato


“I just think this is great,” said one of their fans, a Brenda Montgomery. “[They] have to live [their] truth, and so I support [them] in support of living as a non-binary person. I just love [them].”

Another article, entitled “Demi Lovato Says She’s Changing Pronouns, Is Now ‘Non-Binary’” on the Daily Caller web site, seems to be particularly egregious.

“We’re just out there to make certain people’s lives miserable for the good of our readers,” says founder Tucker Carlson. “We really don’t have any other purpose besides to sow discord and disrespect for people of every sort. So you can say it’s pretty on brand for us.”

The issue isn’t always on purpose. And not everyone is against Lovato, Andy Tomson said “If [they] [said] pronouns are they/them, I’ll refer to [them] as such. It’s great [they] use[s] they/them pronouns. I’m going to buy all of [their] music.”

But even print media who are well intentioned still fail to use a simple “find” function for the word “she”.

For example, Yahoo News used the wrong pronoun while discussing Demi’s pronouns.

Yahoo News’ Error

But it’s hard to not focus on the negative, after claiming “concern for children,” Boston’s Kiss 108 host Matt Siegel was told by his bosses to stop the commentary on Lovato, Siegel stormed off his show, claiming censorship over his comments. This move, called a “Piers-ed Off” after Piers Morgan, the British TV personality, is increasingly common as people see victim-hood as preferable to simply learning to be a better person.

“I just see people evolving and learning about themselves, and I just want to scream,” said Siegel, who is completely normal in every way. “Why do they get to be happy?”