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Billy Porter, Jimmy Choo, Offer Range Of Shoes In Extended Sizes, Prices

Billy Porter

LONDON–Iconic luxury fashion house Jimmy Choo has announced a collaboration with actor and activist Billy Porter to offer a new line of shoes. The iconic silhouettes come with bold colors and animal print in extended sizes to champion both of their goals of inclusivity and start at $650 US a pair.

The luxury Jimmy Choo brand was acquired by Michael Kors for 1.2 billion in 2017.Quote

Mr. Porter released a statement during the announcement of the line, stating that “The collection is dedicated to my mother, whose biggest dream as a disabled woman was to be able to walk in a pair of high heeled shoes.” A pair of the Love 100 style high-heeled shoes is priced at $975 US per pair.

Many were excited about the possibility that these shoes sizes would extend up to EU 45, which is equivalent to a US size 13; and none more so than transgender women who sometimes can have difficulty finding gender affirming shoes in the proper sizes.

“It’s either stripper shoes or sneakers, that’s what I get,” said Katelyn Lowell, an actress from Chicago. “I was super excited to see some of the more iconic styles for my feet which, sadly, remain at a 13. So this inclusive line is something I would want to support.” Lowell’s excitement increased when she entered the store and tried on a pair of  the Britney 115 ankle boots which fit her exactly.

As she checked out, she was glad that someone finally saw her and her needs. Then the cashier said, “That’ll be 1207.23.” Lowell swallowed. The cashier continued, “That’s with tax, too.”

A few moments later, Lowell walked out of the store without a bag, almost crying, looking down at her worn sneakers. “It’s just good to see that trans women like me are being included in this world.”