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Ben Shapiro Fails to Understand “The Matrix”

Ben Shapiro at 17

LOS ANGELES, CA- After the release of the the trailer for the latest Matrix movie, “Matrix Resurrections”, renewed attention has come out for the original trilogy. The focus is increasingly on how the directors the Wachowski sisters’ trans identities shaped the mythology of the movies. One holdout remains against this interpretation of the popular movies.

“I think I know what The Matrix is about, you know, huh?” Says political commentator and professional debate bully Ben Shapiro. “It’s my favorite movie. I’ve seen it over 1,539 times. It’s the reason I own 7 trench coats and 38 swords. It’s a classic work in the Judeo-Christian tradition, with bits and pieces of German philosophy. It’s a stunning indictment on how modern liberalism stiffles us and limits our full potential. ‘Take the red pill’ I did indeed.”

When it was pointed out that co-director Lily Wachowski has stated the movies are trans allegories, Shapiro resisted. “I don’t care if the directors are tr* or whatever; this movie means a lot to me and my opinion as a straight cis male means more than anyone else’s.”

“The movies aren’t about being trans! Clearly! Because they’re my favorite movies and they wouldn’t be my favorite movies if they were about being trans!” Shapiro doubled down. “The facts are that I relate to them more than anything, and I’m not trans, and facts don’t care about feelings so I’m right!”

“I know what I’m talking about;” he said in conclusion. “My wife’s a doctor.”