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A Hanukkah Miracle: Transgender Awareness Week Lasting Well Beyond 8 Days Thanks to Amy Schneider!

Amy Schneider, Jeopardy! Champion
Courtesy of Jeopardy’s twitter! TEN-DAY CHAMPION 

We all know the story of Hanukkah, right? RIGHT?! Well, for all of you children and/or anti-semites who don’t, there was a small amount of oil that lasted long enough to keep burning for EIGHT DAYS! A MIRACLE! 

In a TOTALLY similar scenario, Amy Schneider, current Jeopardy Champ and first trans player to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, has been tearing through game after game, amassing a current total of over 350,000 dollars. That puts her in the top-ten of ALL-TIME earners! This is the visibility and representation WE CRAVE! 

Transgender Awareness Week, during which she started her winning streak, ended DAYS ago! And yet, Amy’s trailblazing victories, runaway after runaway, keep the magic and visibility going for what is shaping up to be the longest Transgender Awareness Week yet! Transgender Awareness Week 2021 is about to hit its 3rd week!

And, let me tell you, speaking of awareness, Amy is AWARE. She’s aware of SO many things. An average-of-$40,000-per-game amount of things. She’s aware of science! She’s aware of civil war history! She’s aware of theater! There’s almost nothing this woman is NOT aware of, and we hope she continues her winning streak using this impressive awareness of basically everything!

In an interview with ABC, Amy said she hoped her Jeopardy! experience encourages trans kids everywhere to know they can do anything, to which trans kids are reacting with statements such as “I’m so inspired,” “she’s my hero,” and “oh, shit, I have to be good at things now? Oh sorry I said shit.”

Congrats, Amy! We are all rooting for you!