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WOW: Hogwarts Legacy Adds Mysterious Fifth “House Of TERF” To Game

J.K. Rowling

SALT LAKE CITY, UT–Reminding players that, yes, this game was still coming out eventually, Avalanche Studios announced a surprising addition to the game Hogwarts Legacy, an MMORPG. A spokeswoman for the studio announced that after working closely with author J.K. Rowling, they would be adding a new house to Hogwarts, the House of TERF, in this game.

“This, in the lore we’re building around the game, is an extension of the current canon. We’re looking to add some of the spice that the brilliant J.K. Rowling has offered at this point in her career,” said Stella Diver of Avalanche. But Diver said that spice will be of a very specific variety. “The House of TERF has devoted themselves to magical research around auras, specifically around the difference between men and women.”

Avalanche Studios made the announcement after some recent postings from the esteemed author appeared poised to endanger the brand of Hogwarts. “This is an anti-cancel-culture play for sure,” a public relations who is certainly not Stella Diver said off the record. “It’s quite a naked grasp at relevance to pander to the right wing grievance machine.”

Regardless, Diver said that the 5th house will offer skills that are carefully balanced to allow the MMORPG to attack and defend in very unique ways. She offered that some unique and all new game-play items and skills could be used, such as the Inspectum Sheithium spell and Lesbos Protectos potions.

The game is due out in 2022.