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Todrick Hall Shocked to Learn “Big Brother” Cameras Actually Always Rolling.

Todrick Hall and his "friend" Lamar Odom
Todrick Hall hugging a friend he talks shit about!

You know you messed up when you’re an LGBTQ icon, but even the community isn’t rooting for you!

That’s the situation in which musician/scammer Todrick Hall found himself after leaving the Big Brother House. Well, we are still unsure if Todrick is aware that he did anything wrong.

Upon leaving the house, where he was living and competing to win the CBS reality show, his cellphone was returned to him. Houseguests have no communication to the outside world during production. Sources close to the show claim that Hall then locked himself in his dressing room and refused any press interviews, which he was contractually obligated to give.

Fans of the show speculate that Todrick is avoiding interviews to deal with the fallout of his gossip and verbal abuse in front of the cameras, of which Todrick exclaimed “WAIT THOSE WERE ON?!”

Hall was shocked to learn that the Big Brother house was recording every nasty thing he said. He questioned how, as no pesky crew member that he could grossly underpay was operating the camera after a certain hour. Hall didn’t understand how it was working! Another lowly crew member then explained the concept of wall mounts.

Todrick was aghast at this violation of privacy, reportedly asking “What is this? 1984 or something?”

Hall came in second place to his closest ally, martial artist and Trump-supporter Meisha Tate. Todrick kept this white woman as his closest friend throughout the game, while also pretending to support his fellow POC/LGBTQ communities. Meisha’s advantages of physical strength and an understanding of cameras contributed to her win.

Meisha leaves with $250,000, and Todrick leaves with $50,000, none of which will go to back-pay of his former crew members that he admitted to not paying, on cameras, that were rolling.