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REVIEW: ‘American Rust’ Just Worse “Mare of Easttown,” but for Boys

Jeff Daniels Slumping
From Jeff Daniels’ Twitter, Thanks Jeff!
PITTSBURGH, PA – As fall approaches, there is not just changing leaves and milder weather we are looking forward to…no, it’s also that sweet, sweet FALL CONTENT!
Showtime’s newest drama, American Rust, premiered Sunday night, and many fans of HBO’s recent crime drama, Mare of Easttown had their interests in Rust piqued because of the many similarities between the two. They both have murder, they both have gritty lighting, they both have PENNSYLVANIA!
But, according to one fan, the similarities end there. “It’s just like…dudes talking” said Stacia Croft, Mare of Easttown aficionado, of American Rust. “It’s like someone saw Mare of Easttown and tried to do it again but with more men and less compelling writing.”
Stacia IS aware that America Rust is adapted from a 2009 novel of the same name, making it entirely impossible for Rust to have ripped of Mare, but she still remains skeptical. “The show is just men talking and not original, so I have my suspicions of foul-play. Maybe time travel, maybe-shape shifting. Men can’t be trusted. We know this”
Croft reports that one of the men in Rust is either Dumb or Dumber of Dumb and Dumber fame. “The one that isn’t Jim Carey,” noted Stacia.
When asked if the Showtime program could do anything to compete with its superior HBO counterpart and salvage Croft’s viewership, she replied “I mean, the actors could at LEAST do the funny accents from Mare of Easttown. I don’t know, say ‘hoagie’ all funny or something? I’m bored here!”
American Rust airs Sunday nights on Showtime and is not and will never be better than Mare of Easttown.