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BREAKING: Lil Nas X Wears Several Outfits; Gays STAN!

A Beautiful C3PO

NEW YORK, NY – Lil Nas X, hero of our community, was seen wearing SEVERAL, I repeat, MULTIPLE incredible outfits in just the last 24 hours alone! Outside of being unapologetically gay and hot on stage and in videos, wearing outfits is easily the LGBTQ community’s second-favorite thing Lil Nas X does! 

First up, at the VMAs, which still exist, Lil Nas was seen in a stunning purple get-up. Reports are coming in verifying that the sultry suit was, in fact, a Versace. It was both feminine and masculine, genderless and glorious, and internet users commented that it was reminiscent of “Prince, or that Randy Watson Sexual Chocolate guy.” SLAY!

Then, on Monday, Was X was seen at the Met Gala (where nobody is allowed inside and it’s definitely not an Illuminati thing) doing a big reveal of an outfit within an outfit that we believe to be a C3PO costume. WORK! IT! Beep BOOP, QUEEN! 

While these outfits have mostly satiated the fashion desires of the LGBTQ Community, we can’t help but thirst for more. We reached out to Lil Nas X’s reps to see if the “Montero” star plans to wear more outfits, but have yet to receive confirmation.

In the meantime, should you find yourself CRAVING queer fashion icons, feel free to check out Elliot Page looking SMASHING in a tuxedo with a green flower pinned to it. Allegedly, the green flower symbolizes queer love, so if you will excuse us, we have photos to view green flowers to harvest!