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Owen Hurcum Takes Office As World’s First Green Haired Mayor

Owen Hurcum via Twitter

BANGOR, WALES–Tapping into a new found acceptance for a diverse variety of people, a new Mayor has been elected as Bangor, Wales. Owen Hurcum took office Monday as the world’s first green-haired mayor.

“This is an enormous privilege to be elected by my fellow City Council members. When I first dyed my hair green, I was worried that people would judge me. But no. People have been enormously supportive.” Hurcum, who is also genderqueer, moved to the city to attend Bangor University. “I first moved here to join the Stephen King literary program. But I fell in love with the town and I made my home here.”

Hurcum is 23, and some have suggested their green haired lifestyle is just a phase, but they say it’s part of who they are, intrinsically. “This is me. As much as my gender or me being Welch.”

Their plans for the town include “I really want to work on bringing more funds to improve the high street, push for more green spaces and promote the interconnected communities between the university and the city itself.”

It is unknown if their green hair will encourage other differently colored haired individuals to seek office, but Hurcum says that is their choice. “I, of course, support others to live as they will, so long as they do not interfere with my quest for world domination. I am a politician, after all.”